Keeping healthy all year changes slightly through the seasons.   Be sure to read the Health Tips page first.  Then, check below for additional seasonal tips.   

Health Tips

Stay alkaline!!!

A healthy diet for almost everybody, particularly people who do not exercise hard and/or long every day need a diet of 80% plants, 10% healthy oil and 10% very lean protein but not pork.  Starch, animal products and dairy are acid forming and should be a small part of your diet, especially those whose blood type is not O.

Layer up and down as needed.  Keep all your body parts covered as the temperature goes below 40 degrees.  Keep your head covered and wear long under wear below 32 degrees.  Cold legs subject your back and lower leg joins to easy sprains and strains.

Health is a balance of C.A.R.E.

C-Circulation normalcy through daily exercise, deep breathing and massage.

A-Assimilation of  your food through slow, happy and well chewed food in small amounts, taking digestive enzymes for those who need them.

R-Rest, and relation involving enough sleep and not working too much.

E-Eliminations sufficient from your kidneys, bowels (2-4x/day), lymph drainage through daily exercise, massage and deep breathing (Qi-Gong) and emotional release with drinking enough water or eating sufficient plants.

If a cold is coming on, taking 1/4 of one Teaspoon of baking soda in the morning or at least three hours after eating once/day for 1-3 days, or 45-60 minutes before eating will help alkalize quickly.  Do this only once a day for 1-3 days.

Do not eat when you are highly stressed or angry as it will make a great deal of acid in your system.

Eat as much raw as you can every day.  Eating lettuce, celery and raw carrots will naturally immunize you self against the flu and cold bugs…

Breathing into a hair dryer at a comfortably hot temperature will kill or suppress cold germs and reduce a sore throat, and dry up herpes sores quickly.

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