Charles Nohava, BA, Director of Prisma Center

Chagrin Falls/South Russell, Ohio 44022

440.338.1182 by appointment

Training and experience: Graduate of Cleveland State University, B.A. Sociology and Education.  Minors in World Religion and Psychology.  Ohio College of Massotherapy.

Trained by Dr. H. Schwartz, Dr. L. Jones, Dr. Klak, Dr. H. Field, Dr. J. Rossen, and Mr. M. Bissel.

Taught school for eight years, and counseled adjudicated delinquents for three years. 40+ years as director and therapist at Prisma Center, a non-profit holistic health center in N.E. Ohio.

Nature of Services:  Energetic acupuncture, Counterstrain, Qi-Gong, Myofascial, Reichian, Bioenergetics, Reflexology, tonic/deep tissue, cranial-sacral, breath work, magnetic therapy, micro-electrical acupuncture, Bioenergetic Synchronization, meditation, muscle testing, PTSD and general emotional healing, energetic attunement, sports, and accident therapy.