Healthy people should look healthy, feel healthy and feel good!  Do you?

Drink More Water!
Dehydration is a major cause of many diseases.
Our bodies use up 8 cups of water a day just living, just doing daily activities.
If you don’t at least replenish these 8 cups a day with unchlorinated water, over a
period of time you are actually dehydrating your body. The long term effect is
Coffee Drinkers Beware….coffee actually leaches the water from your body.
Eliminate Coffee completely and improve your health! It is acid oil.

Exercise Your Body Every Day!

Exercise is key to keeping your body well. Increasing your heart rate
and flushing your lymphatic system is necessary to rid your body of toxins and
tensions that accumulate with ordinary living.  6 minutes of high intensity exercise gives better health benefits than 3 hours of slow exercise.

Sit Up Straight!
Good posture keeps your body aligned properly and keeps the
energy flow consistent and unrestricted.

Breathe Deeply!
Deep breathing keeps your lymphatic system moving. Toxins
that accumulate in your body are released and eliminated with breath work as
well tension and nervousness. Breathing deeply while exercising will provide the
best benefit from your work out.

Eat Whole Organic Foods!

Raw and slightly cooked vegetables and fruits are full of
nutrition. Eliminate sugar as that “pick me up”, eat a piece of fruit or raw
vegetable instead. Eliminate pork from your diet. Instead, plan your menus to
incorporate organic meats like turkey, chicken, beef/bison and fish.

Cut Back on the Dairy!

Most people have a difficult time digesting dairy, especially non-fermented. Dairy
products will aggravate your sinus problem, your digestive problems, joint
problems, etc. unless it is non-fat.

Supplement Your Diet!
Undoubtedly, your body has deficiencies. Supplements
are vital to properly balance your nutrient intake. Good eating of organic, whole
foods and oils are essential, however, most often, it is not quite enough. Routine
muscle testing from your holistic practitioner will keep you on the right track
supplementing your body’s needs.  Almost all adults need 1000-1,200 units of vitamin D every day through cod liver oil capsules or liquid.  Those with osteoporosis need 2,000 or more units daily.   Humans do not make vitamin D from the sun unless they do not wash the exposed skin for a minimum of 48 hours…Not many of us are willing to do that or to be around most people who do not wash for 48 hours!

Use Your Juicer!
If you don’t have one, go get one. Fresh vegetable juice daily is
vital to boosting your immune system and keeping your body alkaline. A great
combination is carrot and celery……..daily!

Minimize Stress!
Take necessary steps to simplify your life. Physical and emotional stress is a
major cause of many diseases. Focus on eliminating the things that cause you
stress. Change your behavior in relationships that stress you out. Create
boundaries for yourself and others.

Meditate & Pray!
Alone time with our Creator is key to vitality of life. Meditating and praying
calms your whole being. There is no better way to relieve your mind from the
stresses of life. A renewal time for your spirit. Refreshed and uplifted, you will be
better able to prioritize and focus to make decisions in your daily life.


(Circulation, Assimilation, Rest/Relaxation, Eliminations)

Circulation has to be normalized and/or improved in most people’s blood and

Assimilation of wholesome food must occur, not just eating it. Many factors go
into the proper absorption of your food.

Rest and Relaxation must be sufficient each day for full health. Many people do
not get enough sleep and rest every day and wonder why they get sick or do not
feel well. People are too busy over all, but don’t get enough exercise or enough

Eliminations must be normalized for the blood, colon, and lymphatic system for
proper health. People should have 2-4 full bowel moments every day to prevent
disease and premature old age. Exercise, eat enough fiber, drink enough water,
and do deep, conscious full breathing to eliminate the toxins. Be full of humor
instead of anger, resentment and stress. It is better to be Happy than Right.
Humorous people live longer and better. Worry, chronic anger and poor diet kills
tens of thousands every year before their time.
Poor or dysfunctional life styles are responsible for 95% of human diseases.
They cause inflammation, which is the major cause of disease.

Your diet has to be mostly alkaline to maintain health. Deep breathing releases
CO2 (acid) which most people don’t do enough of or deeply enough. Grains,
dairy, animal proteins are acid forming…Coffee is acid oil and causes many
health problems including osteoporosis, breast cysts, prostate problems,
arteriosclerosis and acid stomach. It also contributes to cancer in some people.
Your blood must stay neutral (7.0), your mouth neutral (7.0), your muscles slightly
alkaline, and your urine slightly acid.

The more stressed you are, the more you need to eat super alkaline, exercise
sensibly every day, even if just 10 minutes hard while deep breathing, get more
rest and sleep and breath deeper in general. Most people under stress hold their
breath and push in their stress even deeper while eating more poorly.

Processed food including grains, sugar, and bad fats, including hydrogenated or
partially hydrogenated oil, too much saturated and too much red meat cause
more deaths than all the past wars put together. Many people are allergic to
wheat to various degrees.

Obviously smoking must be eliminated for health. It has no good values. It does not
relax people. It physically and emotionally numbs them. Every time a person
smokes, it contracts the blood vessels and tightens up the whole body. It
aggravates sinusitis, and causes it in many people, causes muscle tightness and
joint problems as well as cardiovascular problems, lung problems and cancer.
If you want to relax, then practice forgiveness, deep breathing, non-competitive
exercise, meditation prayer, gratitude and humor. Hot baths and showers, and
massage does wonders!


Beware of quackery!  If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true.

Example:  Take Aloe Vera to cure cancer and everything else.

Your life style which includes attitude, is the main factor causing 90% of diseases.  People want a pill, a quick fix, instead of changing their diet, and life style.

Wheat, dairy, sugar, too much meat and bad fats kill more people than all the wars put together.

Eliminate the toxic and allergic foods first!!!

The main culprits are:

Wheat, dairy, pork, too much meat, sugar, soy, vinegar, curry, fried foods, processed foods, worry, chronic anger, chronic thinking, too little or no daily exercise, no deep breathing, too little rest and sleep.  DO NOT SKIP MEALS.  IT MAKES YOU FAT AND  TIRED.  GENERALLY EAT EVERY 5 HOURS OR SO.  THE FEWER MEALS A PERSON EATS, USUALLY  THE FATTER THEY BECOME.



Coffee and chocolate are not health foods!  Even organic dark chocolate is not healthy.   Just because it is natural, does not make it healthy.  Organic coffee and cigarettes are still toxic.  Just  because it is high in bioflavonoids does not make it good for you.  Examples, poison ivy is high in bioflavonoids, but still you would not want to eat it…Chocolate and coffee have aromic oils that people crave and effect the hormones.  Coffee is acid oil!  Every time you drink a cup, it leaches out your bones and erodes and inflames your organs and cells.

Inflammation is the major cause of disease.   And the great American diet and emotional stress are the main causes of inflammation in people.

Healthy food, healthy company and healthy attitudes including humor, no complaining, no blame and no worry keep disease away.

Find a doctor or practitioner that treats the causes of illness and disease, not just the symptoms.

Laugh every day!

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